If you have any questions or concerns please call:



Scoty Wilson


Larry Heer

or e-mail us derby@whitedoveofhope.org


  1. All decisions by judges and/or derby committee are final.
  2. Inspections open at 8 a.m. and close at 3 p.m., no exceptions.
  3. Batteries must be relocated to the interior and covered.
  4. Braces:  A single pipe may be welded parallel to ash immediately behind front seat.
  5. Bumpers:  Bumper shocks may be welded or chained, bumpers must remain stock and in stock location.
  6. Car Body:  Cutting out metal around fenders is allowed, welding metal back together is permitted, but no additional reinforcement is allowed.  All chrome trim must be removed.
  7. Concrete:  Sealed in driver’s door only.
  8. Door:  May be welded or chained.  Roll cages are permitted, but cannot be attached to frame.  Driver’s door can have channel iron (not to exceed 2” x 8”), bolted or welded to door (cannot exceed 6” beyond front and rare of door).
  9. All drivers must wear approved crash helmets.
  10. No modifications are allowed to strengthen car frame.
  11. Electric fuel pumps are approved, but must be off when key is.
  12. Gas Tank:  Must be removed or punched and drained.  Tank must be located in rear passenger compartment and secured.
  13. All glass, including head and tail lights, must be removed.
  14. Hood must have 12” opening over carburetor.  Hood must be secured with chain, cable or bolts.
  15. All interior, with exception of driver’s seat, must be removed.  No loose items.
  16. Numbers must be 18” tall on both sides.
  17. Radiator must be in engine compartment with water only.
  18. Seatbelts must be securely fastened and worn at all times.
  19. Shocks must remain stock (no homemade shocks).
  20. Suspension must remain stock (can be welded in place).
  21. Tires:  Must be passenger or light truck (no liquid or foam).
  22. Additional trans cooler is allowed.
  23. Trunk must have 12” hole or larger (can weld).
  24. Screen wire in windshield is okay.
  25. All engines must be of automotive and in stock location.
  26. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older.
  27. If it doesn’t say you can, then you can’t.


  • White Dove of Hope reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason and reject any person at any time.  Officials reserve the right to inspect/re-inspect any car before, during, or after the show. 
  • All cars will go through a check line.  Every car will be inspected by the WDOH officials.  No car will be allowed in the arena until it has passed inspection.  Any modification of vehicle after inspection must be approved by inspectors and vehicle will have to be re-inspected. 
  • Drivers may sell advertisements on their cars to help defray expenses of getting the car ready to compete.  Advertising can be painted on cars.
  • A 5 M.P.H. speed limit must be maintained at all times in pit area, parking lot and driveways. 
  • Only 1 tow vehicle and 1 service vehicle (if needed) allowed through gate with entered derby car ONLY. 
  • Additional safety regulations may be imposed, depending on track and weather conditions.
  • A protest fee of $100.00 will be required to dispute any competing vehicle.  If you want to protest a car that you think is illegal, then you must put up the $100.00.  If the car is illegal, then it will be disqualified and you will receive your money back.  If it is legal, then the driver in question will receive the $100.00.  Protest will not be entertained under any other circumstances. 
  • Officials will act upon any item not covered by this writing on day of race. 
  • White Dove of Hope is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left unattended before, during, or after the event.