Welcome to White Dove of Hope

The White Dove of Hope was organized as a catalyst for mobilizing people to pull together to build a healthier, more compassionate community. Coming together as friends to raise funds to help those in our communities during times of crisis in their lives.


The White Dove of Hope will no longer be putting on their annual Demolition Derby. Below are pictures we hope you will enjoy of those that volunteered and those that participated in this great annual event. We cannot thank each and every one enough that volunteered so many long and hard hours to bring this event to the community that raised funds enabling us to provide assistance. Thank you and God Bless.

Grand Entry

Volunteers Auction Derby Car

Coufal Contribution Derby Queen Contestants

Trailer Queen Raffle Tractor

Honoring our flag Transfixed

It's OnAcyion

Thank you


If you know of anyone that needs assistance, please contact us at:

(936) 372-0834

White Dove of Hope
30628 FM 1488
Waller, TX 77484